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Wait time for child autism assessments ‘completely unacceptable’

CBC News | December 9, 2016, Written by Kerry Campbell

The long wait times Island families face waiting for a child to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or a learning disability came under scrutiny in the P.E.I. Legislature Friday.

The current wait time for Island children to receive an assessment from a psychologist within the school system is about three years, according to government.

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The province says it is exploring an option to hire private practice psychologists to help clear the backlog of assessment cases.

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P.E.I. human rights discrimination hearing wraps up

CBC News| January 15, 2016

Millie King alleges the provincial government is discriminating against her 24-year-old daughter, who has schizophrenia. King was denied help for her daughter through the province’s disability support program — help she said was needed to pay for supported housing, where she could have some help and supervision.

Friday, the panel of three human rights commissioners heard again that the program isn’t available for people with mental illnesses, only those with physical or intellectual disabilities. 

[Read the full story here]

Bob Creed

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Physical therapy funding boost for kids not enough, says father

CBC News | January 7, 2015

A P.E.I. father is frustrated with what he calls inadequate support for kids who need physical therapy, despite previous support in the legislature.

Jeff Matheson’s daughter has cerebral palsy. In 2014, he started a petition asking government to commit to improving access to physical medical services like occupational therapy and physiotherapy for kids up to the age of 18.  

[Read the full story here]

Jeff Matheson's daughter Vaeda has cerebral palsy. He says physical therapy is key to her quality of life.

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Bullying prompts pulling son from school says Kensington mother

CBC News | November 17, 2015

McNally says the bullying started soon after they moved to Kensington.

She says her son was born with neurofibromytosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue. In McNally’s son’s case she says it has led to a learning disability as well as speech and language issues.

[Read the full story here]

McNally teethMcNally neck

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