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After the institutions: Why Ontario’s decision to shut long-term care facilities haunts some to this day

Ottawa Citizen | November 25, 2016, Written by Rob Corbett

Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dubé released a report this summer titled Nowhere to Turn. It came with the sub-title: “Investigation into the Ministry of Community and Social Services response to situations of crisis involving adults with developmental disabilities.”

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Rideau Regional Centre

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Regulation changes deny accident victim adequate benefits, family says

Hamilton Spectator | October 14, 2016, Written by Molly Hayes

A Norfolk County man’s family is baffled after their insurance company deemed his brain injury from a near-fatal motorcycle crash “not catastrophic.”

That injury classification — the criteria for which changed the same day of Adam Bari’s accident — means he is eligible for only a fraction of the compensation they feel will be needed to finance his recovery.

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Family still reeling years after pregnant woman’s hospital fall

Toronto Star | October 14, 2016, Written by Christopher Reynolds

Mary Archer went into hospital an expectant mother, full of dreams for the future — she came out three and a half years later, severely brain damaged, unable to walk on her own and struggling to speak.

“It’s been like a nightmare that you never wake up from,” says Heather MacDonald-Archer of her daughter’s devastating injuries suffered in the wake of a fall at St. Michael’s hospital in 2009, in the hours after she had surgery to replace a shunt at the back of her skull.

Now, after seven years of anguish, uncertainty over living arrangements, and thousands of dollars in care costs, her family is finally getting some relief — supportive housing for Mary.

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Mary Archer, 38, recently moved into supportive housing seven years after a tragic post-operation incident at St. Michael's hospital that left the Toronto social worker with severe brain damage and forever altered her life and those of her loved ones.

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Severe repair delays for Windsor mom’s government wheelchair

CBC News | September 27, 2016

A Windsor mother with cerebral palsy says she has to wait far too long to have her government-funded wheelchair repaired.

Maria Wiebe spent hours in bed Sunday morning before crawling to her computer in order to find a phone number to report her wheelchair problems.

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Maria Wiebe spent hours in bed Sunday morning before having to crawl from her bed to her computer in order to find a phone number to report her wheelchair had broken down.

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Ontario parents worry about special education support

Toronto Star | September 5, 2016, Written by Andrea Gordon and Kristin Rushowy

Under the province’s revamped autism program, children 5 and over are no longer eligible to join wait lists for intensive autism treatment covered by the province. They can apply for the new and less intensive ABA program, but that doesn’t launch until next year.

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High school student Eric Segal, who has autism, is shown with his service dog Azra. His mother Sharon Gabison, says parents have to fight hard for kids with special needs to get what they need in school.

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