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Autism program changes cause concern for Manitoba families

CBC News | September 9, 2016, Written by Kim Kaschor

Anxieties are high this week for parents of Manitoba children with autism, as their kids head back to school with fewer supports.

“For the last two days all I’ve got was phone calls and emails and Facebook posts with parents that have huge amounts of anxiety about [their children] going back to school or going … to school for the first time,” said Guy Mercier, chairman of Manitoba Families for Effective Autism Treatment (MFEAT).  

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Adrian Roy is five years old and thriving in the early intensive behavioural intervention (EIBI) program at St. Amant.

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Ontario parents worry about special education support

Toronto Star | September 5, 2016, Written by Andrea Gordon and Kristin Rushowy

Under the province’s revamped autism program, children 5 and over are no longer eligible to join wait lists for intensive autism treatment covered by the province. They can apply for the new and less intensive ABA program, but that doesn’t launch until next year.

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High school student Eric Segal, who has autism, is shown with his service dog Azra. His mother Sharon Gabison, says parents have to fight hard for kids with special needs to get what they need in school.

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Parents unhappy with abrupt end to special needs program

CTV News | June 30, 2016

Two families are speaking out saying their sons are being discriminated against by the Halifax Regional School Board.

The board’s ACEE program provided a year of skills and training after high school for students with disabilities. However, it’s been abruptly ended, the students in the program won’t get to finish.

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Image of Student Writing in Notebook


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Advocates for special needs kids worry they continue to fall through the cracks

Calgary Herald | May 21, 2016, Written by Eva Ferguson

According to the 2016 Fraser Institute Report Card on Alberta’s Elementary Schools, an increasing number of special needs students are entering Calgary classrooms. In 2015, 13.2 per cent of Calgary students were identified as having special needs, a significant increase since 2011 when that percentage was 10.7.

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Lori Suba with her special-needs son.

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Bullying prompts pulling son from school says Kensington mother

CBC News | November 17, 2015

McNally says the bullying started soon after they moved to Kensington.

She says her son was born with neurofibromytosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue. In McNally’s son’s case she says it has led to a learning disability as well as speech and language issues.

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McNally teethMcNally neck

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Lawsuit eyed over abuse claims at former Nova Scotia schools for the deaf

CBC News | October 28, 2015, Written by Blair Rhodes

A Halifax law firm is trying to launch a class-action lawsuit against the Nova Scotia government, alleging it failed to properly protect students at two provincially-run schools for the hearing impaired.

The proposed lawsuit spans the time from 1913 to 1995, when the last of the segregated schools was shut down. There were two so-called schools for the deaf, one in Halifax and one in Amherst. The latter drew students from across Atlantic Canada.

[Read the full story here]

A Halifax law firm is trying to launch a class-action lawsuit involving former schools for the deaf in Amherst (pictured) and Halifax.

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