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Advocates for special needs kids worry they continue to fall through the cracks

Calgary Herald | May 21, 2016, Written by Eva Ferguson

According to the 2016 Fraser Institute Report Card on Alberta’s Elementary Schools, an increasing number of special needs students are entering Calgary classrooms. In 2015, 13.2 per cent of Calgary students were identified as having special needs, a significant increase since 2011 when that percentage was 10.7.

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Lori Suba with her special-needs son.

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‘Maybe something just cracked’: Calgary mother charged in disabled daughter’s death

CBC News | April 27, 2016, Written by Meghan Grant

“Dedicated.” That’s how a shocked neighbour describes a Calgary mother charged in her severely disabled daughter’s death, amid allegations that she failed to properly care for her.

Patricia Couture, 68, has been charged with failing to provide the necessaries of life to her 38-year-old daughter, Melissa, who died Tuesday. (“Necessaries” is the actual word used in the specific charge under Section 215 of the Criminal Code, although it’s commonly referred to colloquially as “failing to provide the necessities of life.”)

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John Byers says he is shocked to hear that his neighbour Patricia Couture has been charged in her disabled daughter's death, describing her as a 'dedicated' mother.

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Albertans want more done to help kids with special needs but many aren’t aware of struggles: poll

Calgary Herald | March 30, 2016, Written by Annalise Klingbeil

While many Albertans believe the provincial government isn’t doing enough when it comes to education, recreation and housing for children with special needs, a large percentage are also unaware of the challenges the community faces, according to a new Mainstreet poll.

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Calgary photojournalist Christina Ryan and her daughter Emily Pitchers,16, who has numerous medical conditions including Down Syndrome, epilepsy and severe developmental delays.

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