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Add your voice to the growing list of Canadians who believe that if we are born with or acquire a long-term disability (mental, physical, or developmental) we should have access to essential supports such as appropriate housing and assistive professionals, programs, and technologies. Use the sign up form embedded on the front page of our website or click here.


Every dollar goes towards supporting the work of the ECC Coalition (public outreach, engagement, and education)*.
Donate online: Click on Paypal button

Donate by cheque: Fill out cheque to "Every Canadian Counts Coalition" and mail to 160 Elgin St. #2600, Ottawa, ON K1P 1C3

Donate in person: At your local TD Branch, ask to make a deposit to account #5003662, transit #32726-004


Do you belong to an organization that would like to join the ECC Coalition?

We welcome the support and participation of disability advocacy groups, family groups, support and service providers, and labour unions. (See some of our coalition members featured below.)

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*Please note the Every Canadian Counts Coalition is a federal not-for-profit organization without charitable status, allowing us to focus solely on advocacy work. Therefore we are unable to issue charitable tax receipts for donations. In addition, the Every Canadian Counts Coalition does not accept core funding from governments or government-related agencies. Nor does the Coalition accept sponsorships or funding from commercial entities in return for product endorsement. Every Canadian Counts is a coalition of individuals and independent organizations involved in promoting the wellbeing of Canadians living with disabilities and their caregivers, none of of which have a pecuniary interest in the campaign.