Stephen Hume: Provincial clawbacks relegate the disabled to life of poverty

Vancouver Sun | May 31, 2016, Written by Stephen Hume

AJ Brown subsists on combined federal and provincial disability benefits. With no clawbacks, those benefits would total $1,450 a month, $544 from CPP and $906 from B.C. But the province reduces its payment by the amount she gets from CPP and instead contributes only $342. This the province characterizes as “topping up” her CPP, although it reduces her monthly benefit to $886.

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NORTH VANCOUVER, BC., May 30, 2016 -- Deaf artist AJ Brown in action at home in North Vancouver, BC., May 30, 2016. She's totally deaf and can't really speak; she has cerebral palsy and has metal rods in her spine because of surgery to correct a severe lateral curvature. Yet she graduated from university with a degree in English lit and music and is now an accomplished artist.(Nick Procaylo/PNG)   00043439A   [PNG Merlin Archive]

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