Stephen Hume: Disabled woman faces government threats, nightmarish process over three cents interest

Vancouver Sun | June 23, 2016, Written by Stephen Hume

A. J. Brown, the artist challenged by deafness and cerebral palsy yet forced to live in poverty because the provincial government claws back her Canada Pension Plan disability benefits, sends me the official monthly financial disclosure form she must submit.

It compels her to declare three-cents interest income earned by a bank deposit or face losing provincial benefits.

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NORTH VANCOUVER, BC., May 30, 2016 -- Deaf artist AJ Brown in action at home in North Vancouver, BC., May 30, 2016. She's totally deaf and can't really speak; she has cerebral palsy and has metal rods in her spine because of surgery to correct a severe lateral curvature. Yet she graduated from university with a degree in English lit and music and is now an accomplished artist.(Nick Procaylo/PNG)   00043439A   [PNG Merlin Archive]

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