Sell the house to save the child: Family seeks mental-health care in U.S. for girl on wait list

CBC News | October 6, 2016, Written by Janice Grant

Most mothers think highly of their children, but few have come as close to losing them as Kirsten. (The CBC is only using her first name to protect her daughter’s privacy.)

When her daughter was just 11, she entered a spiral of worsening mental-health issues that got so bad, the family decided to sell their home to pay for life-saving treatment in the U.S.

Their struggles point to a devastating reality for those dealing with mental-health issues in Manitoba: Children are living in life-threatening situations as they wait for mental-health care. But as Kirsten enjoys coffee this fall morning in the living room of an old Winnipeg character home, she is content to know her daughter is in the kitchen, safe and sound, looking for bread to make a sandwich.

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Kristen credits a U.S.-based residential therapy program for saving her daughter's life after she began to hurt herself.

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