Advocacy Campaigns for Improved Supports

Groups across Canada are forming to advocate for improved disability supports. There are common calls to end waiting lists for services and supports, increase the number of available housing options, and increase the salaries of support workers to attract more Canadians into these in-demand positions, amongst other things. This illustrates a widespread desire for change. You can read more about these groups below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Albertans Advocating for Change Together's logo, which features multicoloured hands stacked on top of one anotherAlbertans Advocating for Change Together – This coalition of self-advocacy groups in Alberta is currently active in advocacy for persons with developmental disabilities and those covered by the Alberta Income Support for the Severely Handicapped (AISH).


Dignity 2016 campaign logo


Dignity 2016 – A campaign to end waiting lists for access to developmental supports and services in Ontario by 2016. 


SSAH & Passport Coalition logo

SSAH & Passport Coalition – A coalition advocating for improved supports under the Special Services at Home and Passport Funding programs in Ontario.

OPSEU "Dignity is not optional" campaign logo


Dignity is not OptionalA campaign led by the Ontario Public Service Employees Union demanding increased funding for services in Ontario and increased wages for support workers.

Ontario Developmental Services Housing Task Force – Created by the Ministry of Community & Social Services in mid-2014, the Task Force will help develop solutions to some of the most critical problems confronting adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Task Force meetings and activities as well as stories of promising practices, resources, articles and videos on innovative housing solutions will be posted to their Facebook Page. They have also created a Facebook Group to take questions and gather feedback.

UnshippableUnshippable – Unshippable is a campaign being spearheaded in Ontario by concerned families, friends, supporters and community partners who are actively trying to improve the system in order to include direct funding to individuals with developmental disabilities as a choice for residential support. The campaign aims to “speed up” the work of the Ontario Developmental Services Housing Task Force in light of the ongoing housing crisis for Ontarians with developmental disabilities.