Inquest starts in Brian Sinclair hospital ER death

Global News & The Canadian Press (September 6, 2013)

“A perfect storm occurred,” Olsen told Judge Tim Preston Tuesday. “The WRHA failed him … at all levels of the organization.”

Sinclair went to the emergency room of Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre Sept. 19, 2008, with a bladder infection and spoke with a nurse. The homeless aboriginal man stayed in the emergency room waiting room until a fellow patient notified a security guard that he was dead.

Manitoba’s medical examiner found Sinclair had a blocked catheter and that the problem could have been fixed with a simple procedure.

Sinclair, a double-amputee, was soft-spoken and hard to understand, Olsen said. He was also cognitively impaired and fiercely independent… [Read the full story here]

UPDATE: ‘Brian Sinclair inquest wraps with lawyer calling ER death a homicide’

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