Going to work a struggle for man with spina bifida who needs wheelchair lift

Toronto Star | December 25, 2015, Written by Michael Robinson

For Ryan Leworthy, going to work each morning starts with dragging himself into a van. Reaching up with one arm to grab the door handle, he hoists his body upwards. It’s a momentum gained using just the strength of his arms.

Finally, he pulls his 8-kilogram wheelchair through the vehicle’s open side door, before lunging himself into the driver’s seat.

Throughout the uncomfortable routine, a searing sensation makes him flinch. It’s a flare-up of injury caused by years of lifting and pulling. The fluid-filled sacs in his shoulders — sponges designed to cushion bones, tendons and muscles — become inflamed.

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Teaching assistant Ryan Leworthy, who was born with spina bifida, struggles to lift his wheelchair into his minivan at his Mississauga condo parking garage.

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