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Challenges facing personal care workers highlighted after Winnipeg bus assault of disabled woman

Yahoo News | October 29, 2014, Written by Matthew Coutts

New details about the horrific sexual assault of a disabled woman on board a Winnipeg bus emerged this week, suggesting that the woman had a personal care worker, who was nearby during the attack but didn’t notice what was happening for 10 minutes.

The new information has placed a greater focus on Canadians who require assistance and their personal care workers – an industry that often struggles from low wages, intense working conditions and frequent turnover.

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Winnipeg Transit bus (CBC)

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Woman with intellectual disability sexually assaulted on bus as support worker sat nearby

CBC News | October 28, 2014

A 19-year-old woman who has a mental disability was sexually assaulted on a Winnipeg Transit bus as her support worker who sat two rows in front didn’t notice her client had been approached by a strange man until after the assault was over, CBC News has learned.

CBC News has learned the woman needs 24-hour care.

Advocates for people with disabilities said vulnerable people are often abused.

« This happens in institutions, it happens in care homes, it happens everywhere, » said Shelley Fletcher, director of People First of Canada, a national non-profit group that advocates for people with intellectual disabilities. « It happens way more than people think. »

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Inquest into teen’s death highlights issues facing deaf community

The Prince Albert Daily Herald | October 10, 2014, Written by Matt Gardner

An inquest into the death of a teen last September after one week in a Prince Albert youth facility has concluded that he died of natural causes, in a case critics say underscores the need for greater support to the deaf community.

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