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Checking-In: Not old enough to be in a nursing home & not macho enough to work in the video game design industry

CBC Radio’s The Current | September 11, 2014

The Current‘s Anna Maria Tremonti speaks with Minister of Community and Social Services, Helena Jaczek about funding crisis for developmental supports, poor data on prevalence and needs in Ontario, and how the Ontario government plans to spend the extra $810 million announced for the sector wisely without a clear picture of need.

[Listen to the podcast here]

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Canada in Perspective: Home Alone

Accessible Media | August 20, 2014

More than 12,000 Ontarians with intellectual disabilities have been waiting for a group home placement for over a decade. Their aging parents, now unable to fully support their children, are demanding a change in the system. In this episode of AMI’s Canada in Perspective host Anna-Karina Tabuñar talks to frustrated parents to figure out what can be done.

[Watch the video here]

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Provincial candidates: Adults with developmental disabilities fear being shipped from home, demand individualized funding for crisis

Digital Journal (June 5, 2014) – Written by Dundas Living Centre

As provincial candidates rally support sparring about jobs, budgets and scandals, more than 12,000 adults with developmental disabilities await funding and many fear being ripped from their communities due to a broken system. The Dundas Living Centre (DLC), an advocacy group pushing for the rights of these individuals to choose where and with whom they live, is calling on all parties to end this crisis and provide individualized funding for Ontarians living with developmental disabilities.

The advocacy group, through their #Unshippable Campaign, argues the current crisis-driven system is not fiscally effective and leaves the parents of adults with developmental disabilities in fear for their children’s futures. [Read the full story here]

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‘It is only because of my daughter that I am still here’: Woman battling terminal cancer fights to find care for disabled daughter

The Ottawa Citizen (January 16, 2014) – Written by Elizabeth Payne

Cindy Gibson is not ready to die, but she is running out of time. The 61-year-old mother of two severely disabled adults has cancer that has metastasized in her bones. She is weak, in excruciating pain and some days feels that life is no longer worth living.

But she is trying to hang on, she says, until she is sure both of her children, who share a rare chromosomal imbalance, are cared for.

Gibson’s son Jimmy, 41, is already in a group home where he receives 24-hour care. Her 26-year-old daughter, Sherisse, who functions at about the level of a five year old, is being shuttled between a family friend and respite care while she waits for a spot in a group home.  [Read the full story here]

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