Outline of SaskatchewanSaskatchewan has made a lot of progress in terms of developing an adequate support system for those living with developmental disabilities. Recently the Government of Saskatchewan:

  • Issued 14 recommendations to help successfully transition the last of individuals with disabilities residing in an institution into community living programs by 20161.
  • Developed a separate income support program for people with disabilities (the Saskatchewan Assured Income for Disability Program), which provides more support than regular welfare, considers individual circumstances in its payment formula, and has reduced reporting requirements2.
  • Eliminated waiting lists for access to residential and day program placements in 2013 by injecting $62.5 million into disability services and supports3.

The Government of Saskatchewan is in the process of a province-wide consultation as it looks to develop a comprehensive disability strategy by the end of 20154One challenge the government will face will be to find adequate resources to finance the resulting system of supports.

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