‘It is only because of my daughter that I am still here’: Woman battling terminal cancer fights to find care for disabled daughter

The Ottawa Citizen (January 16, 2014) – Written by Elizabeth Payne

Cindy Gibson is not ready to die, but she is running out of time. The 61-year-old mother of two severely disabled adults has cancer that has metastasized in her bones. She is weak, in excruciating pain and some days feels that life is no longer worth living.

But she is trying to hang on, she says, until she is sure both of her children, who share a rare chromosomal imbalance, are cared for.

Gibson’s son Jimmy, 41, is already in a group home where he receives 24-hour care. Her 26-year-old daughter, Sherisse, who functions at about the level of a five year old, is being shuttled between a family friend and respite care while she waits for a spot in a group home.  [Read the full story here]

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