Family of cystic fibrosis patient Jennifer Crouse struggles to cover costs

CBC  News | March 1, 2016, Written by David Irish

As a Lunenburg County single mother’s health deteriorates from cystic fibrosis, her family is racing to raise enough money to send the 31-year-old to Toronto to live while awaiting a double-lung transplant. 

Jennifer Crouse of Pinehurst, N.S., was approved for the transplant on Dec. 18, but as the clock ticks her condition worsens, shortening the window of opportunity for the operation once a pair of lungs is found.

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Jennifer Crouse (right) with her 11-year-old daughter Taylor. Crouse's family says her condition has been declining over the last several weeks as they rush to raise money to cover costs of moving to Toronto for a double-lung transplant.

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