Disability Plan would help families

Saturday, June 6, 2015 | The Peterborough Examiner

This past Tuesday, I attended an information session for people with disabilities held at the library hosted by the Every Canadian Counts (ECC) coalition.  I would like to share this information.

The goal of this group is to implement a national program for people with disabilities, including those with mental illness, similar to the one that Australia is now in the process of implementing.

To put it in a nutshell, with this national program a family with a person with a disability could move anywhere else in Canada and not have to start all over again. No more paperwork. No more waiting.  Also the federal government would not distribute funds for social services throughout Canada unless they all meet a set standard of specific requirements.

For example, housing and personal care. So a person with a disability could move out of the province to a new province and, for example, receive a specific assistance they had already been receiving.

I invite people to go to ECC’s website www.everycanadiancounts.com.  If people would like to see this national program come about, there is a petition for them to sign. Also, ECC is looking for life stories so as to pass on to the government. That website is www.realpeoplecampaign.com. – Submitted by Tamara Mann

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