Disability Support Systems from Abroad

Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme 

The Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme logoThe National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a nationwide insurance program for severely disabled Australians. Launched in July 2013, NDIS provides these individuals with guaranteed lifetime support, financing all of the essential services they require (including housing) as determined by a needs-based assessment. The program will be uniform across the country, which means clients with similar levels and types of disabilities receive consistent access regardless of where they live or which agency they receive services from.

This program was proposed as a solution to challenges similar to what Canada’s developmental disability sector is now facing: inconsistent and ineffective support systems from state to state, citizens with disabilities living in unacceptable conditions, increasing frequency of families and individuals in crisis, and the realization that disability can affect anyone, therefore everyone should be protected. 

Overview of the Australian NDIS

Who is eligible for the Australian NDIS?

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