Broken System

If it’s broken, fix it.

How do we know the disability support systems in Canada are broken?


1) Families are in Crisis

Many individuals living with long-term disabilities and their families are in crisis. Their stories are being documented by the media on a regular basis. Read their stories here


3D bar chart and pie chart sit atop papers with various graph illustrations.

2) Missing Data & Individuals on Waiting Lists

How much are provincial and territorial governments spending on disability supports? How many people need supports but are not receiving them? In many cases official data is missing, but organizations providing supports claim waiting lists are unmanageably long. Reliable data is key to ensuring governments are spending responsibly to meet the needs of all Canadians.

Map of Canada showing census divisions

3) Problems are Similar Across the Country

Each province and territory in Canada is facing similar challenges when it comes to providing acceptable disability services and supports. In fact, many of the existing support programs are under review due to poor performance. Learn more here


Protest over developmental disability support system in Alberta

4) Groups across Canada are Protesting

We are not the only organization concerned about the state of disability supports in Canada. There are many other groups with campaigns that advocate for change. Our goal is to unite these groups so we can work together to create positive and lasting change. Click here to view a list of current campaigns