CBC News | December 9, 2016, Written by Kerry Campbell

The long wait times Island families face waiting for a child to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or a learning disability came under scrutiny in the P.E.I. Legislature Friday.

The current wait time for Island children to receive an assessment from a psychologist within the school system is about three years, according to government.
Ottawa Citizen | November 25, 2016, Written by Rob Corbett

Ontario Ombudsman Paul Dubé released a report this summer titled Nowhere to Turn. It came with the sub-title: “Investigation into the Ministry of Community and Social Services response to situations of crisis involving adults with developmental disabilities.”
CBC News | December 7, 2016, Written by Donna Carreiro

A Winnipeg man living with cerebral palsy says he is both too old and too smart to access support services he once had as a minor — and that’s why he’s filed a human rights complaint against both Manitoba Health and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.
News 1130 | December 3, 2016, Written by Kurtis Doering

Marking the United Nation’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a disability rights group here in Vancouver is sounding an alarm.

They say despite a recent increase in disability benefits, people across BC are still being left below the poverty line.

CBC News | December 2, 2016, Written by Bridget Forbes

Food Banks Canada says 14 percent of Manitoba’s food bank clients report receiving disability-related income support; a Winnipeg Harvest survey found many who turn to the service are off work because of a disability or a chronic illness

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