10 years of care puts family on verge of burnout

Northern Life | November 27, 2015, Written by Jonathan Migneault

As the primary caregiver for her husband over the last decade, Nan Amaratunga has reached the point of burnout.

In 2005, her husband, Laxman (Lucky) Amaratunga, was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a progressive and invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks a person’s nerve cells and impairs their ability to control their muscles.

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Dr. Ruwan Amaratunga reads out the alphabet on a special board so his father Laxman (Lucky) Amaratunga, who has ALS, so he can communicate. When his son reads out the letter he wants, Lucky blinks to let him know. They then restart the process with the next letter. Photo by Jonathan Migneault.

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