The Every Canadian Counts Coalition is a grass roots movement advocating for the creation of a publicly funded national disability insurance program. To date, it has operated almost exclusively on the basis of volunteer effort. There has been over the last eighteen months only one half-time paid staff person.

But we are growing and in demand and need your support. Groups all over the country are asking for presentations and discussions and for that we need financial means. Please visit the Support Us section of our website. We would welcome any donation, however small.


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The Every Canadian Counts (ECC) Coalition is calling on Canadian governments to work together to develop a national program to ensure essential disability supports are available to all Canadians living with chronic, long-term disabilities. The Coalition includes individuals living with disabilities, caregivers, advocates, and support organizations.

Why do we need a national program?

Some of us are born with disabilities and some of us acquire disabilities later in life through illness, accident, or ageing. In order to live your life as fully as possible, essential supports such as specialized housing, support workers, and adaptive technologies (like wheelchairs) may be necessary.

However, the systems designed to help provide and cover the costs of supports are badly broken. Thousands of Canadians with disabilities are on long waiting lists for supports, or the supports they are receiving are minimal and do not meet their needs. As a result, individuals and families are experiencing crises: family breakup, bankruptcy, homelessness, imprisonment, and (in the worst cases) serious health complications or death.